Our Philosophy

Enthusiasm - Engagement - Enjoyment

At South Coogee OOSH we provide an inclusive and engaging environment for children where they can enjoy themselves, always feel safe and are happy. Ensuring the safety of all children in our care is of the highest priority to all Educators at the centre. Respect and enthusiasm from these Educators are cornerstones that underpin everything that occurs at the service.

We believe that every child and family is unique, therefore our program cycle and routine are collaboratively created in such a way as to allow children to explore, establish and engage with their interests and grow through self-directed learning. We encourage and guide the children to take control of their own learning, health and well-being through our flexible program and routine. Our engaging staff foster the children's creativity through this independence, furthering their autonomy and sense of belonging.

South Coogee OOSH is a family friendly service and continuously interacts in significant and meaningful relationships with all OOSH families. We ensure that their needs are met, they are comfortable and happy leaving their children in our care each day and that their voices are heard. Educators, children and families alike take great pride in our connections within our community, School and the tight-knit nature of these invaluable relationships. This includes our connection with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultures and our ongoing focus on environmental responsibility within the South Coogee community. We at South Coogee OOSH believe these connections create a sense of belonging within a wider community that allows the children to understand respectful and reciprocal relationships and feel safe within themselves as well as in their world. Overall, we are aware of the beautifully diverse nature of children and families at the centre and have the utmost confidence in our educators as well as being inspired by what each unique individual brings to our centre. The diversity, the strengths, achievements and contributions of all ensure that South Coogee OOSH is a place in which we can grow and develop together in an engaging environment that children enjoy, feel safe and happy.