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2020 fundraising and donations

What we have achieved so far with the amazing help of our families and community

During the Winter Vacation Care, we hosted a fundraising event to raise funds and awareness for children in Foster Care.

We encouraged the children to create beautiful clay sculptures and beaded jewellery and sell their creations for a gold coin donation !

At South Coogee OOSH, we collected donations for families in disadvantaged communities. We partnered with an organisation called Gunawirra.
We accepted any pre-loved toys and books that are in a usable condition.
Our donation box was at the Parent Corner inside the OOSH room next to the Juniors "bag room"

We had an overwhelming amount of toys and books donated by our loving families as it was a great turn out !

South Coogee OOSH and the Parent Committee organised care packages for indigenous children in disadvantaged areas. The packages included school supplies, underwear, socks in brand new back packs.

For The Bushfire relief program at the beginning of the year, we made spirulina balls for the recovering animals with the children and collected gold coin donations do donate to the affected areas