The Team

Our team consists of a Director, Assistant Director, a Team Leader and Educational Leader, as well as Area Leaders. We are dedicated, qualified Educators who are at the Centre on a daily basis and will be your first point of contact for any questions or concerns you may have. We also have approximately 16 Casual staff members who will also be your child's immediate contact. They all work on the same schedule each week to create a sense of comfort and familiarity to each attending child, which naturally leads to developing strong relationships. Our Casual Team come from all different backgrounds and experiences, although they all share the same passion for children's development, health and wellbeing. Feel free to come in, say hi and get to know us!

*Tip - If you are a new family starting in our centre, show our pictures to your child/ren and read our descriptions to them. This will provide them with a sense of familiarity and comfort upon arrival on their first day!

Jack Roach

Director / Nominated Supervisor

My name is Jack Roach and I've been Director since the end of 2019.

I love how refreshing and honest children are and how fascinating they find their world. It's my aim to provide them with the best opportunity to explore their interests and make really meaningful friendships. 

At OOSH you'll find me playing soccer in the OOSH yard with an ever-growing unattended pile of work on my desk. If I'm not in either of those two spots, check the kitchen - I might have wandered in there to pinch some jelly-beans! 

Jalen Cappelletti

Assistant Co-ordinator & Educational Leader  

Hi! My name is Jalen, I've worked here at SCOOSH for 4 years now and have had various roles over my time here and have loved every second of it! I have nearly completed my degree in Psychological Science where I plan to incorporate my knowledge to help promote healthy and balanced lifestyles with emphasis on mental health and resilience. I love working in such a positive environment and aim to influence this here at OOSH as much as possible.

You will usually find me running away from the chickens or typing up a storm in the office!  

Britney Money

Area Leader

I have worked at OOSH for just over five years now. I love working at OOSH because I am able to get to know and understand all the children, as well as having fun with them and offering support when they need it.

At the moment, I spend most of my time in the kitchen cooking all the delicious and nutritious food we have planned for the children.  

Hattie Bidwell


I'm Hattie, 

I have been working at OOSH now for about 2 years and I have been inspired by how creatively the kids look at the world around us !

I am gradually learning the ins-and -outs of how everything runs at the centre, and enjoy everything about it!  

I love hanging out in the mosh pit with the Juniors making hide outs under the fig tree, or buying chocolate mud cakes from the mud kitchen shop window.

Tara Ross


Hey, my name is Tara and I've just recently started working at OOSH.

I am currently studying primary school teaching and I have a passion for working with children !

I love working with children and they have a wonderful outlook on life and are inspiring little human beings. It's also so amazing watching then grow and it is so rewarding being surrounded by them.

At OOSH you'll either see me at the craft table, playing sport or helping in the kitchen !

Anna Spasovska


Hey, my name is Anna. I've recently joined the OOSH team as an educator and am thoroughly enjoying my time learning more about the children and their favourite things to do at OOSH.

I am currently studying a degree in Secondary Mathematics Teaching at UTS and am really passionate about teaching children that they should not fear maths !

It has been a pleasure to be a part of facilitating some of the children's activities in the afternoon as it is so nice to see them engaged, smiling and excited.

I look forward to getting to know the children better and play a supportive role on their individual development and wellbeing.

Ash Newman


Hi my name is Ash and I started working at South Coogee OOSH in November of 2021. I have loved working at OOSH and meeting all the different children. I'm slowly learning how to hang out with the children in a fun and friendly way and make theirs days that little bit better. I love to spend time with each kid individually to make sure none of them are left out or bored.

I love playing all types of sports with the kids, trying my luck in arts and crafts and watching some of the talent that these incredible young kids have.

At OOSH you'll usually find me immersed in a competitive staff vs students soccer game with the juniors or getting beaten in a pogo stick race with the seniors

Ruby Glazer


Hi my name is Ruby and I started working at South Coogee OOSH in May of 2022. So far I have enjoyed every day that I have come into work as I love being surrounded by all the kids. I find that I can have the best conversations and they almost always give me something to laugh about.

I'm currently studying Exercise Sports Science at UTS and my goal is to one day become a Physiotherapist that mainly aids children, as it's definitely something I'm really passionate about. 

At OOSH you'll usually find me sitting with the kids drawing, usually having a colouring competition that I always lose in.

Uma Arias


"Hi, my name is Uma and I've been working at OOSH for a few months now.

I am currently studying nursing in hopes of becoming a paediatric nurse! I have always had a strong passion for working, caring and being with children, which makes my job so enjoyable.

All of the children at OOSH have made it such a welcoming space for me which has let me bond with so many of the kids already, I love their enthusiasm, curiosity, creativity and I cannot wait to watch the kids grow up over my time working here!

At OOSH you'll most likely find me with the Juniors doing arts and crafts or playing games, but you may catch with the seniors from time to time as well!" 

Simone Rappoport


Hi, my name is Simone.

I am new to the OOSH team, but I already feel at home!

OOSH is a great place for me because it is truly preparing me in my endeavours of becoming a primary school teacher, and I am so grateful I have the opportunity to work with these amazingly talented, funny, and energetic students!

I'm sure you can find me chatting to the students on the AstroTurf or having some fun on the veranda in an arts and crafts activity.  

Jackson Macri 


Hey, my name is Jackson

I recently started working at OOSH and have really enjoyed getting to know both the children and the staff.

I'm currently in Year 12 at Sydney Grammar and enjoy working alongside my studies.

I enjoy working at OOSH because I get the chance to just be a kid. I also enjoy learning the passions each child has.

At OOSH, chances are you will find me playing footy or basketball in the seniors.

Eliza Cantarella 


Hi, my name is Eliza and I recently joined the service in November 2022. I am thoroughly enjoying my time at the centre.

Jemma Redman


Daniel Radomsky

Area Leader

Hey I'm Dan and I've worked at South Coogee for about 4 years now. Working with children keeps me young and so in an effort to stay young i will work here forever.

Often, you'll find me cracking jokes or making loud noises in the yard.

Issy Trevallion


I'm Issy and I've worked at OOSH for over 5 years now. I love providing a positive and safe environment for the children to come to and have fun every morning. I find it so rewarding to have a job where I receive so many smiles, laughs and drawings !

At OOSH you'll probably find me outside playing an intense game of hide and seek.

Chrissy Flaskas

Educator / Head Chef

Hello, I'm Chrissy Flaskas and I've worked at OOSH for 3 years.

My qualifications include a certificate 3 in childcare.

For the most part, my greatest qualification is being patient and caring to our children. My philosophy is simple, I love being around the children, it's my happy place.

OOSH provides a sense of belonging for the children... its their happy place too.

You will find me mostly in the kitchen cooking and making sure our children have been fed.

Ava Fitzsimons 


Hi, I'm Ava !

I worked at a Kids Camp in Canada and fell in love with working with children. Afterwards i commenced OOSH in October 2019. 

Being a creative person, I enjoy encouraging the children to explore their talents through arts and crafts activities. I believe that every child is different , and helping children  discover their strengths and personalities is the most rewarding part of the job.

Annie Kilbane 


My name is Annie Kilbane and I've been working at South Coogee OOSH as an educator for about 2 years now!

I have a degree in Primary Education from UTS. I balance my time at OOSH with casual teaching at local schools in the eastern suburbs area! I love working with children and am proud to be a part of the South Coogee OOSH community.

At OOSH you'll usually find me beating the senior boys at handball, supervising hama beads or playing soccer in the yard! 

Katie Vasin 


Hi! My name is Katie Vasin and I have just started working at OOSH.

Whilst working, I am currently studying a bachelor of construction management and property. I have been working with kids in sports for 3 years and came to OOSH to continue doing this as I thoroughly adore it.

Although I love being active with the kids, I really enjoy participating in the arts and crafts as it makes me extremely happy to see them being creative and explore their interests. I look forward to growing relationships with the children here at OOSH in the future. 

Mia Rowles 


Hi! My name is Mia,

I have recently started working at OOSH and I am loving getting to know all the children.

I am currently in my 1st year studying Primary Education at Notre Dame University.

I love working with children because I enjoy their playfulness, willingness to learn and their honesty.

At OOSH you will most likely see me outside playing games with the Juniors.

Lara Simpson 


"Hi my name is Lara,

I have recently joined the OOSH team and i am already loving how creative, energetic and friendly the students are towards a new face!

My passion for working with children has lead me to study a Bachelor of Primary Education at the University of Sydney.

At OOSH, you'll most likely find me playing card games, bored games and arts and crafts with the students.

I cannot wait to continue to learn and grow with the children here at OOSH!

Miles Dellit


Hi! My name is Miles and I've just recently joined the OOSH team.

I'm studying a Bachelor of Psychology at Macquarie University with interest in Pursuing a path is Developmental Psychology.

I'm having so much fun with how energetic, fun and friendly all the kids are and look forward to getting to know them all.

You can most likely find me doing all sorts of things in the seniors paddock, from football to capture the flag I always love to get involved! 

Alek Spasovski 


Hey, my name is Alek and I just recently joined the OOSH Team. I'm a big kid at heart, I am currently on my gap year with plans to study economics next year. 

So far, I have loved my time working and playing with all of the children; their energy levels and honesty can really make my day.

 At OOSH, you'll find me either throwing or kicking balls with the Juniors or folding paper planes for anyone who wants one!

Sophie Evans


Hey my name is Sophie.

I've recently just joined the OOSH team and can't wait to not only be an educator for the kids but a new best friend! I'm also currently studying a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics (Honours).

Starting here, it's already been such a pleasure to be apart of a workplace that has such a passion and excitement for fostering a safe and friendly environment for kids.

At OOSH you'll most likely find me hanging out with the Juniors. I'll either be joining in on a game, having a chat with the kids or fine dining at the mud kitchen!

Stella Zikos 


Hey, my name is Stella and I started working at OOSH in July 2022. I'm currently studying Arts/Law at Sydney University. I love working at South Coogee OOSH because I enjoy chatting and getting to know all the children and being part of a diverse and inclusive community! I love uplifting and encouraging the children to pursue their passions - from arts to sport - and enjoy their energy, creativity, and intelligence.

At OOSH, you can find me reading stories and doing Arts and Craft with the Juniors or chatting and joining in on games of handball with the Seniors!

Nick Horne