Please send all your information to:

or you may hand in a hard copy to the centre

Checklist of things to submit alongside your enrolment form:

PLEASE ensure the entire enrolment form is completed and below items accompany your enrolment 

--- Your child's birth certificate (or valid passport) - (Translated & Signed by JP if necessary)

--- Up - to - date Australian immunisation record 

--- Separate CRN numbers for all family members (all children must have one, even if you aren't entitled to any rebates)

--- Medical forms - Asthma, Anaphylaxis, Eczema Action Plans completed by a Medical Practitioner (if necessary). Examples pictured below

--- Any Medication your child requires ( Puffer, EpiPen, Antihistamines  etc ). We do not share these with South Coogee Public School, and must be with a Prescription with the child's name on it and as per Action Plan

Only send through your forms during your below-specified Enrolment Period

Medical Form Examples

Please consult your doctor for more information

2021 Enrolments

Enrolment Procedure:

Outlines the 3 enrolment rounds. Please read carefully and follow the instructions provided.

Please do not apply outside of the listed dates.

All about me:

This will help us gain a whole image about your child and their interests. This will help us transition your child into our care more smoothly !

Enrolment Forms

Please read carefully to ensure you enrol in the correct round. Please send through your forms ONLY during the specified time frame in your round:

Round 1

 5 days from Monday 19/10/20

For existing families who wish to keep the same bookings or DROP a day

Please read "Enrolment Procedure" for more details

Round 2 - ON NOW

5 days from Monday 26/10/20

if you are adding a new child, please fill in the full Enrolment Form. Download button is on top of the page under "Shortcut for new families"

For existing families who wish to keep the same enrolments and ADD a day or to ADD a sibling to your account

Please read "Enrolment Procedure" for more details 

Round 3 

5 days from Monday 2/11/20 - Friday 6/11/20

For brand new families who have never attended the service before

Please read "Enrolment Procedure" for more details 

Any enrolments submitted outside the specified enrolment period will not be accepted and considered after the enrolment period is over.

Round 1 & 2 BUR's must be paid alongside the enrolment, Round 3 families must pay BUR once accepted.

Our Fee structure can be seen here, or on the bottom of the Enrolment Procedure.